5 Reasons Buyers Need an Agent when Purchasing a New Build


Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments most people make, so using an Agent is a large factor in making sure that process goes smoothly. Building a home should be no different. Why do buyer’s think that they should use an agent when purchasing a resale home, but not when they are purchasing a home from a builder? Some might think that because the house is newly built, there will not be any inspections issues or problems with the home. Maybe buyer’s think that the Sales Representative is there to sell a one size, fits all, new home and is there to hold their hand to walk through every detail. Both of these couldn’t be further from the truth. A new build has a lot of added risk for purchase, not only because of the amount that is typically required to be put down as a deposit, but because the amount of time and detailed steps necessary to make sure that the Buyer’s Dream Home is completed as envisioned. Here are just a few of the top Reasons you should bring your favorite Realtor along when looking at new Builds.

1. Using the Builder’s Representative leaves You Fending for Yourself I would not send any buyer to work directly with a Seller and their Agent, because that leaves the Buyer UNrepresented. This is no different in a new build scenario. Yes, the Sales Rep will be like-able, trusting and helpful; but that sales rep is there to do a job which is to sell the Builder’s Home, not to represent you. Bottom Line: the Sales Rep works for the Builder, not the Buyer. A new build is a long process and going unrepresented is not a consumer win. 2. Extra Layers of Protection, Most Buyers don’t know they Need Most Buyers just trust what the Builder tells them; this is not saying that the builder or sales rep is lying or has any bad intention; however there are some uncovered steps that an experienced Agent will advise you on. As an example, some Buyers are told that an inspection of the home is not really necessary because the home has had to go through and pass city inspections. This is accurate, however, city inspectors are going through and checking things as they go, in a new home community, there are so many contractors coming and going, that one “step” might have been checked at frame 6 months previous, and a lot could have happened in those several months. Not to mention that City Inspectors are human, and inspecting various timelines and so many different houses each day, which leaves room for error. With the amount of money that a new build costs it is worth it to have my clients hire a trusted Inspector that works for them. Another bonus is that there are certain things, including cosmetic repairs, that an Inspector will look for and discuss with you that are not checked by the city at their inspection. For example: radon levels could be high, and a radon mitigation system is not required per code. As my client I would rather you know a lot more about your new home and have an extra layer of reassurance with a Licensed professional. This is just one example of the additional layers an Agent will request in order to protect you and your new investment.

3. Everything is Negotiable. Yes, most specifics, upgrades and pricing are set by the builder and they might not budge. However, working with an experienced agent, will give you a better opportunity to request and negotiate for things that you did not even realize were options. A builder is not a typical Seller that makes decisions mostly on emotion; the builder has investors that they answer to and they also have quotas to meet; sometimes requests are made at the appropriate time in order to capitalize on specific options and pricing of a home or a lot. Why leave money on the table, when you have someone willing to negotiate on your behalf?

4. Design Center Feature A lot of stress is relieved when a Buyer works with an Agent that has time to help with design choices. This is a stressful time, and there is only so much help that is received from the design center staff. Most experienced agents view roughly 10 houses a week, and have developed a keen eye for trends which is extremely helpful if you plan to go through the design method of a new build. Experienced Agents also hear consistently from Buyers and Sellers what works and what doesn’t; for example, having really dark stained wood floors and backing to open space might drive an OCD buyer over the edge because of the dust that shows up constantly. Having an expert in this area is a priceless commodity that is often overlooked when starting out. 5. The Builder pays the Agent’s Commission Some buyer’s think that working directly with a Builder will get them a discount on the home. This is not true at all. In fact, the marketing budget is set for each home to include a buyer’s agent commission, and if you are unrepresented, the Builder retains that money and does not give a discount; then you are left to work through this process on your own…. no bueno. Keep in mind that the builder would like for the first visit to be accompanied by an agent, so don’t hesitate to ask if you want to go check some new builds out, even if it’s just for fun… trust us, we love to look at new builds too!