Happy Seller

There are many real estate agents in this day in age ready to help one find their dream home or sell their home. This year I was getting married and needed to sell my beloved first condo I purchased. My husband had already purchased a home for us in the Denver area. I had met with a few real estate agents to list my home. I do not know much about real estate thus picking the right agent was a tough choice. I choose Lauren Cross. My husband and I could not have been happier with this decision. Lauren went out of her way to build a relationship with the current tenants. She prepared them and included them in the process of selling the condo. From the beginning, Lauren thought I could sell my condo as soon as the currents tenants had moved out. She held open house parties and put the condo on the market all while the tenants were still living there. Right away there was a lot of interested buyers. At one point there were three interested buyers with offers. Throughout the process, Lauren made every step easy. She always made it clear what documents I needed to fill out and sign. My husband and I have known Lauren outside the real estate business as friends. We have always loved her and her family. Working with Lauren in more of a professional matter blew my husband and I away. Lauren is a sharp business woman that builds relationships with her clients, listens to her clients, is ready for any challenge, and is always looking out for their best interest. Lauren was quick to get the job done. My condo sold for 10,000 more than we were asking a little more than a week before I was married. My husband and I never had to worry about paying for two mortgages. In the end, Lauren hand delivered our closing check from selling the condo. I would definitely recommend Lauren to anyone who is ready to buy or sell their home. She will get the job done and exceed your expectations!